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Your Memory Surrounds Me
MN (11-08-1970 / )

Your Memory Surrounds Me

Poem By Mary Nagy

I can almost see you from my window
the way you sauntered up to my door.
How you would always look at the mailbox
like you'd never been here before.

The visions of you surround me.
Your memory is still everywhere.
I wish you could talk with me now.
It's hard to accept you are there.

I see you smoking your cigarrettes
''No filters! ''... just as you like.
I go to the places you've travelled.
I see you where we loved to hike.

It's strange when I think of ''forever''
and know that you'll never return.
I wish things were not left unanswered.
I'm sure there is so much you've learned.

Your journey must have had a purpose.
You suffured like no one I've known.
I look forward to our reuniting.
Will it suprise you to see how I've grown?

Dedicated to my DAD

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Comments (5)

How beautifully you've grown Thankful not surprised I would think.love Duncan
This gave me goosebumps, Mary. Sad, but beautiful. Warmest regards, CJ
What a beautiful tug at the heart, Mary.
He'd be proud of you Lass, and be thrilled the way you have turned out. A lovely tribute. Love Ernestine XXX
Mary, this is such a touching poem, something most can relate to. Its really beautiful.