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Taking moments from life's saddened exploits, replenishing my soul with brightened illumination from beyond.
Significant possibilities coming always into view, giving me beautiful interchanges to listen to as I write.
Sojournly, stepping around all the lonely ones of being as I make my way into lands of poetry beyond lifetime's boundaries.
Living life the way it should be lived on poetical rhymes of peace and delicate beauty.
Stringing all necessary views of nature in tapestries, unfolding the fabric of my life for all to see and participate in if they so choose.
Just reading what I have to say in many puzzles and coded mysteries left me in innate talent as I gather visions and images from within and without my mind and soul.
Totally written in silent music, giving me many moments of peace every day that I'm alive to write and share in verse with anyone who happens to come along.
Welcoming everyone into realms of gifted depths of my being, letting self be known to only the few who dare to tread into my repertoire of sounding rhymes.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Dear Mary If the light doesn't come from within, we can still feel it's warmth from above. Brilliant......Thankyou Love Duncan
Hi Mary Just basck from two weeks in Greece to continue through all your poems starting with the last. 'Your Message' is up to your usual standard but sounds a bit Messianic to me