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Love Returned

Love Returned

There is a place between heaven and hell
An endless time that some know well
A void so vast, with no future, no past
Purgatory is the place I'll dwell

A heart was taken just at it's birth,
A heart just learning to love
A soul mate torn from this earth
A hand was stripped of it's glove

A soul that once was never blessed
Knew love and knew loves favors
Hungry now for the taste of life
Left with a taste that has no flavor

Cursed with a life lived in emptiness,
Wandering in an empty space,
A body left without a place
An empty soul without a trace.

A soul bound now, to this earth
Like a rabbit, caught in a snare
Robbed of it's hop, robbed of it's life
Left dangling up in the air

Happenstance found that hare
Then Happenstance let it go from there
'What injustice be, '
Liberator he, set that creature free

Happy now it limped away
Learning how to hop again
Hope reborn, to climb above the storm
Leaving behind a future grim

Guided by an unseen light
The hare makes a hasty flight
A quest to solve a mystery
Taking back from history

A heart to heal, a page to seal
A soul to collect as a payment deal
From a fate that was not earned
Now that soul will be returned

With it brings a heart that sings
For it's a flight that has no wings
Though it's saviors strife's unknown
To a tender vessel not yet grown

It is she that vessel be
With her fate still unfulfilled
Returned to Earth, She is given birth
Her destiny, to be what God has willed

The world turns and a revolution makes
Thunder rolls and the heavens shake
Liberator lifts up her head,
Like a man awakening from the dead

Just as the lightning bolts
Time's suspended by the jolt
Our God agrees to let him see
A liberator is then reborn

In the light from that lightning strike
A soul is being tended
Fabric that once was torn
Is now being mended

In that heavenly light, that filled up that night
Happenstance stands with delight
As a heart refills with love
And a soul slips on it's glove.

Jim 1988

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

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