Your Name

Its the thing that makes the frown,
Turn upside down.

Its the thing that I could say,
Over and over again,
And the sound still be so sweet,

The words that make,
My eyelashes flicker, and my heat beat faster,
Awe... everything is O.K.

Yes your mmm name...
The one I will never tell PH.

So I wrote your name with smoke,
But the wind just blew it away.

Then I wrote your name,
With charcoal on a rock,
But the ocean washed it away.

I just wrote your name in my heart,
And there it will stay

by Mrs. Cynosure

Comments (1)

this is just so sweet...a really nice write here....keep that name etched to your heart, no one can take that away from you....wonderful poem Becca.