Your Nobel Peace! ! !

Humanity has ruled in your loving coil
You've given a love and
sacrificed your youth in so called jail!

Today look at your sacrificing
It bundles the fierce coil,
And scorches the innocent humanity,
Laughs on the corpse in laming way,
Through air rotten smelling is moving!
Look at your love of noble peace!
It makes starvation, crying, timid screaming
razing in the land of ethnic!
Frontier with the thorny fence today
breaks its venomous teeth but
Your veiling humanity is biting;
biting invisibly! Oh so envenomed!
Homeless humanity in the wilderness is trembling
Afraid of your inhuman rule!

How is this your greatness?
How is your rule! what the indiscreet constitution is?
How long are beaten this righteous humanity in your Nobel peace?


Comments (2)

A heart-breaking write; a profound lamentation on the world's injustice!
Your veiling humanity is pervading worldwide So Satan has come to fight everywhere for it, .........10