Your None

Poem By Nicholas McKimmy

No more crying
I’m holding it in
The pain inside
It’s all pretend
I’m moving on
We had good times
You were my one
Now I’m your none
Seeing the future
Without you in it
I didn’t say the words
I was never quitting
The sun is outside
The storm is passing
No more clouds
This love wasn’t everlasting
Gotta change my mindset
I can’t walk away, I have to run
Gotta find someone new
And then make a comparison
I don’t wanna do it
But it must be done
All I wanted to do
Was be the one.

Comments about Your None

Dear Nicholas, I also love this one It was a very sad ones But I really appreciated I know very well how you feel It's like I was shocked by electric eel But you showed will..not let anyone beated Of course It's not easy at all We're not a program that be installed In a PC that everyone can erase and delet it Let time be your good friend When it's beautiful weather or even it's rained It will heel all the pain, supporting you to move forward I wish you all the best, Rae Christensen

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