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Your Not Worth Dying For
(May 10,1991 / )

Your Not Worth Dying For

Poem By Kathryn Garner

The new day is now falling
Into this dead field
Your warmth is withdrawing
From all that I feel
I see your gray eyes
Inside my cold steel sky
She’s reading all your lies
This masquerade must die

She lies on the doorstep
Bleeding to death again
She’s loved the heart you kept
But she knows she can’t win
She gives to the darkness
But wont let go of the light
Mourning in a black dress
For the death of the fight
She won’t fight for the lost anymore
She’s going to live now

She’s fixing the pieces
Sewing back the time
Smoothing out the creases
Of her short lifeline
You took her everything
But now she doesn’t care
She’ll what else life will bring
Without you there
She doesn’t care that you don’t care
She’ll live without you there

Painted faces in a painting
And on the crashing dance floor
The colors are staining
I don’t believe you anymore
I’ve loved you
Because I’ve remembered
But now I cant recall
This emotion for December
Makes all the masks and leaves fall

This is the lowly dance
To all I’ve ever known
You’ve put me in this damn trance
And left me all alone
But I won’t fight, I won’t cry
You’re not worth all the tears
The wind blows, the leaves die
And with you goes all my living fears
I have had to say goodbye
[[I won’t die for nothing]]

She won’t die for nothing
You gave her pain
For her loving
You knew this all along
But you’ll cry when she’s gone
But she’s not coming back
Never going back
She wont die for nothing anymore
Truthfully she’s going to live now
You won’t tie her down
She’ll get lost on her own
She’s lost all else she’s known
But the difference is now she sees
The difference between dreams and needs
She knows she doesn’t need you anymore
Your not worth dying for

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Very well written as though you pump blood of hope to a collapse vein of love by a girl who was betrayed but learn the lesson and lives on. Thank you for sharing.