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Your Own Stories To Tell

Financially and materially you may not be doing well
But you too do have your own stories to tell
Of the journey you are on in life day to day
Everyone has a story as the wise one does say

In the job that you work in below average pay
And you may not be seen as extraordinary in any way
And you may not have much about to celebrate
But your worth as a person never under-rate

To the judgments of the judgmental why pay any heed
Since negative advice in your life you do not need
Such people find pleasure in sowing in your mind the seeds of self doubt
Negative comments from their sort why worry about

The life journey we are on does come to an end
We are born as mortals why otherwise pretend
The same for the billionaire, the president, the queen and the king
Though the gullible masses their praises may sing

Your stories of life few may wish for to hear
But i only state what is obviously clear
When i say that you have your own stories to tell
Of your happy days and of your days of hell.

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