TRM (7/21/92 / Rochester MN)

Your Paper Doll

Am I just You Paper Doll
Or do I mean something more
Am I only something you can play with
And leave lying on the floor
You can dress me up
In whatever you please
You can soak me in my own tears
And bring me to my knees
You can hurt me
You can break me
You can rip me up
Or you can make me
Is that all that I am to you
A doll for you to hold
You can beat me, you can cut me
You can sell my soul
You can bend me any way
You can tear until I break
You can paint a smile on me
Even if that smile is fake
You can rip out my heart
Or you can put it back
You can paint on my feelings
With expressions to match
You can put on my emotions
And tell me who to feel
But no matter how you tape me together
I will never fully heal
Am I just You Paper Doll
A toy with which to play
Even if you don't know it
I'm hurt by what you say
You don't think I hear it
You don't think I know the things you do
But even when you rip me apart
I will always accept the glue
When you glue up all the rips
You think that makes it all okay
You think that afterwards I don't notice
But I've caught onto the games you play
I will not be just Your Paper Doll
The pain has brought me to life
With life comes real tears
So now you can see Your Paper Doll cry

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Comments (2)

You are so young,92 born that makes you 14! ..and such a sad/inspriring poem! great job! sometimes you do have to not give in and once speak and do as you wish to! Preets
thats a lovely right you are for someone as young as you...real tears bring life...but no one can do that to you unless you allow them to do that...learning to say NO is the biggest thing