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Your Perfect Idea Of A Man
GW (10/13/89 / DeSoto, Tx)

Your Perfect Idea Of A Man

Poem By Geramie White

Are the words you always use to describe you'r cravings of love,
I read your letters,
I know your feelings,
You try to look for that perfect guy,
But perfect is inevitable,
You think he's good,
You think he's great,
But later on you want to reject him,
Silly would be the word to describe your love,
Because you don't know what love truely is,
You try to avoid what could be,
And hope for what should be,
Just because he looks good,
Doesn't mean he is,
I could be wrong,
I could be right,
But only you know where your heart is,
So ask yourself,
Is he perfect?
Will he be by yourside until the end?
And can you trust this person?
If yes, go with him enjoy your life,
If not you can continue your hopeless seach for your perfect soulmate...

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