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Your Perfumed Kerchief

I smell your perfumed kerchief...
Its sends a beautiful feeling to my soul.
A long lost secured feeling as if we were tied together strong and bold
The restless mind drags out some moments of peace as we in universe like a drop of water floating
Together we sang floated swimmed danced and drifted like a drop. We were one just one single tiny drop.
Laughter filled our bubble and we decided to try new life
Gushing down we desended
And split as we entered life
U were torn away from me
I could not manage life...
Your perfume takes me back to moments before our splitting divide.
I love them all
Peaceful strong confident happy n so full of life.
This is what I love....

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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I luv it all didi
A refined poetic imagination, Garima. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.