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The Elephant

When people call this beast to mind,
They marvel more and more
At such a little tail behind,
So large a trunk before.

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Good Lord, this is beautiful! And painful. You have a special gift, Tara. You have to keep posting here. Seriously.
Only a true artist of your calibre could start a painting with its best stroke, just like the first line: Your perfumed words and rose-petal theories have long since lost their potency, as have you...... ....... How do I praise this one? I would leave here with a 10 vote and return to read it again..... and again!
I think Master Sears said it better than I ever could. You have an incredible gift Tara - please keep writing. Hugs Anna xxx
Tara, I love this poem...human nature at it's most basic. Ours is to question, but faith remains. 'Tis mans nature to want for more...when God sent the Manna from heaven, he left people w/ full bellies asking where were the leeks and onions. Wonderful poem...A.