(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Your Photo Remains - Unchanged.

'Hold me! '
you smile in that cliched way.

you are the apple of my eye! '

You lie.

An apple lies uneaten on the table.

Your teeth marks cut
a pretty pattern in it.

(White gleams against the green) .

'I would love you
- if I were abel.'

'Do you not
- love me! '

'I do, but
- I am unable.'

The uneaten apple stains with time.

(Tears enclose the image of your going) .

I fear the sunlight sneaking through the slats
...the train's leaving rattling the cups.

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Comments (1)

The sense of longing and loss really come across in this and all the little details tell volumes without stating it outright. The conversation about love and the ability to love is really wierd. Seems like you were on a hiding to nothing there. And you really peel that apple imagery until you have a continuous strip of interconnecting images. A lonely and lost poem that can only go to the elphant's graveyard of poems.. and die. Tears enclose the images in your poems and rattel the teacups of my heart! Gina XXX