Your Photo

I have never kissed anyone’s photo
With such longing.
You think it’s a kiss,
The last kiss and then you’ll go,
But when I come to the last page
I can’t close the album.
I trace my fingers over your eyes,
Feeling the warmth of your tears.
I weep yet still you look at me
Not saying a word,
Not responding to the warmth of my hands.
Days come and go,
And every day, many times,
When I come to the last page,
I can’t bring myself to close the album,
You are still looking at me,
Cold and silent.

by Shirin Parvaresh

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you have a photo like others.but i have a image in my mind that i have worship her for7 years and have not tell her anything.
I had to comment I felt left out. This poem was awesome. I kinda know how what you mena by it too. When I seperated with my now ex boyfriend I had a picture of our first school dance and I always looked at it into his eyes and wished again that I could've gone back and done things over again. I hope you write more and try rhymeing it's really fun lol. (not that not rhymeing is bad just ask anyone who's poems I read) Lylyanna
You've brought so many people out of the woodwork! I think your poem skillfully deals with some emotions of love and separateness. I know how alive a photo can be. I had an experience before my wife and I were married. We lived 2,000 miles from each other. I had her photo in my car, and I felt, at least, that I could feel her. And one day I couldn't feel her so much, and phoned her and told her that. She said indeed she'd NOT been thinking of me that day. Not that she always has to be thinking of me, but I had felt the distance. Or at least believed I had.
I envy you for this poem! I wish it was mine!
This is a very beautiful poem..I enjoyed reading it.
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