Your Preferred Disposition

Come follow me were Jesus' words to the Apostles right at the start,
But words alone aren't enough, as you must follow out of your heart.

From Heaven Christ sent The Spirit to guide us in Truth my friend,
As Believers we must hear and obey His direction right to the end.

Paul, the light to the Gentiles said I wish you could all be like me,
He was crucified with Christ and in his life it was Christ you'd see.

Being crucified with Christ he said I don't live, Christ lives in me,
Believers too must follow Paul and crucify our lives upon that tree.

You will be tossed to and fro if you are influenced by this world,
Or grow in Grace if you heed the words Godly men continue to herald.

The choice is yours for God did not cut all of us out of one mold,
But we are all accountable to just One Shepherd, over one Holy Fold.

Individually we were knitted together with God's Grace and His Love,
With one eternal purpose of reflecting Christ, who now reigns above.

Out of the abundance of the heart words reflect the attitude of man,
And in deeper recesses could be unspoken motives of a hidden plan.

But remember, all things shall be revealed by Christ's Eternal Light,
So friend test the spirit and be certain that your attitude is right.

You can obey or quench the spirit of the One Jesus said He will send,
Knowing this, what will be your preferred disposition my dear friend?

(Copyright ©01/2004 Bob Gotti)

by Bob Gotti

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