MN (11-08-1970 / )

Your Reservoir Of Knowledge

Why are you so kind
to me?
I doubt I'm deserving
of such kindness.

You've allowed me
to tap your reservoir
of knowledge
and drink
until I'm full.

I will not waste
a drop.
I will appreciate
what I'm offered
for the precious gift
that it is.

I can never repay
such pure human kindness
other than to say
''Thank You''
and do my best
to make you proud
of what I will become.

Then, when I am asked
to share my knowledge
I will empty out that reservoir
with all the tenderness
and heartfelt kindness
that was once shown to me
by you.

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Comments (12)

Who could ask for more Mary.Kindness from a loving heart in deeds and words. Nothing less appertizing then a raw fact.Great feeling here darling.Love Duncan
Thank you is always nice to say, but put your life jacketts ON! ! when the flood breaks Love dave xxx
Quintessential. Like repaying your parents, an impossible task. It is easier to pass on the goodness to one's own offspring. Very good, Mary. Best H
Dear Mary, you have shown so many so much kindness! !
That is the way Mary, pass it on, with no charge! 10 from smiling at you Tai
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