Your Shadow Beat Me

Sometimes the questions remain
But the silence of your eyes stop me to find
Me in desperate ways thinking are those related with any pain
How could you put me aside and let me blind in behind

This is the part that I lose u most
This is the reason why I couldn’t be near you close
With those many secret buried under your shadow
I’d probably killed my self with my deep need of you to show

My dear friend or something like that I should call
Friendship is not just ready to catch me up every time I fall
Also not only act like two polite people saying much “hi” as much as it shall
But there is something really important for me that u usually ignore

Have you ever remember back then
How you neglected me so badly
With those eyes stared coldly at me
Push me away from any kind of your mis(T) ery

Well, I guessed me only partying this game
So I’ll put all on my self to blame
I sworn that I’ll never ask you again
And end up state of my self in behind

I hope your shadow back you up steadily
And you grew older in much maturity
Then you no need any
And build your happiness on your own destiny

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Comments (2)

a beautiful expressed poem Hanaya
Nice poem expressing hopes and dreams and love desires.... good work friend 10 -Ali