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Your Shadow Is Like Sunlight

Your shadow is like sunlight always returning.
I happily dance within the shadows you throw.
The little lamplight of love is ever burning,
a hopeful flicker from my heart that you might know.

Stanzas plunge into love's passionate poetry,
onto the pages of a sentimental sky,
strewn like petals across the surface of the sea
to drift in the moonlight at the back of the eye.

We move each other without a word or a touch,
touching beyond the senses of earthly delight.
Though we yearned for it, we never believed in such,
feeling, we wanted that of which we had no right.

The white ardor of the moon shimmers on my skin
as I embrace the night and wish upon a star.
The slender stem of my spine desiring within
for the touch of your fingers through my peignoir.

A whisper of wind lifts my hair with hidden hands,
and I can feel your fingers caressing my cheek.
The silence is sacred, stroked through delicate strands.
I close my eyes, weeping, and unable to speak.

Aurora rises with her amber-colored flame.
Our eyes are opened to the newness of the day.
I walk into your shadow, and I bless your name
as your sunlight splendor rolls the shadows away.

by Linda Marie Van Tassell

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