Your Smile

Your smile gives me strength,
to love my foes and my friends
It's a healing medicine for all my illness
It's a solution to all my problems
It's a reason to forget my sorrows
It's a reason to enjoy my joys
Believe me or not it cuts my heart,
Yet sheds no blood but only bliss.
Please keep smiling for I am
ready to fall for it and die
in the dimples on your cheeks

by Krutika Talokar

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Comments (4)

your smile is healing medicine. for me....... very nice thinking which helps the loved one to come up psychologically. thank u dear Poet. dev
Thanks to all....
your smile is medicine for me for all my illness, it gives me peace and consolation. it is bliss. i live for you. a fine love poem full of sentiments for the lady love. thank you. tony
A great start with a smiling face. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks