Your Smile

When I see your smile,
I wonder where
All that hate and sadness goes?
What did you do wrong,

That makes you want to explode?
Your smile brightens my day,
It brings joy and happiness into
My dark world,

Your smile is like the sun.
Glowing on everyone, from up above.
Thirty-two pearly white teeth,
Gleeming at my face,

Our eyes connect,
And don't take them off each other.
You smile, I smirk.
You laugh, I giggle.

We both smile
At each other
'Cause we're both
Thinkin' the same thing,

Thirty-two pearly white teeth,
Gleemin' down on me
From above,
You were my pal,

My best friend,
It's been a year now.
Your smile.

by Danielle Rock

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