~your Smile~

Poem By Eli J Tod

You smile and I
Lose all the things
I wanted to say to you
I think and then
I wonder again
What it is that I see in you

Nothing can break
My already broken heart
I feel for it
But then again
Lose it in the dark

The sun it brings
Another day
Another time for me to say
Everything to you

But you smile
And then it’s a knife
Across my throat
The words they spill
And tumble down
They disappear to smoke

When my words are gone
I’m all alone
Reaching for your hand
Now I know it will never come
So I teach myself to stand

I wait for the day
When you look at me
And hear all of the
Words I couldn’t say

The day will come
My eyes wont be attracted
To your smile
So I’m counting down
All the while distracted
By your smile

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