Your Song

Poem By Bhaswat Chakraborty

I remember all about you
When I sing the song you wrote
The eyes get wet as they knew
The lifelong generosity you dote

Your words and your themes
Touch my heart as the morning sun
Melting into easy streams
The icebergs of my pain and burn

You appear in my reflection
You pervade my senses’ grip
You stay in utter perfection
On the altar of my worship

*******Translated from original Bengali*******

Comments about Your Song

Lovely Rgds Nooruddeen
this poem reminds me of the lines..'when the hurt is full words are few' much of emotions expressed in these few lines....if the translation is so beautiful the original must be awesome! ! !
Yes, indeed a very pure and heart felt poem, about a compassionate love; I can only hope the narrators beloved knows his longing for her. I would believe it is inferred because she wrote the song for or about him yes?
a heartfelt poem! well expressed!
nicely written..good job..

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