Your Song

I remember all about you
When I sing the song you wrote
The eyes get wet as they knew
The lifelong generosity you dote

by Bhaswat Chakraborty Click to read full poem

Comments about Your Song

Nooruddeen Mm 03 Nov 2009 07:50
Lovely Rgds Nooruddeen
Anu Joshy 12 Sep 2009 06:09
this poem reminds me of the lines..'when the hurt is full words are few' much of emotions expressed in these few lines....if the translation is so beautiful the original must be awesome! ! !
Peter Vector 07 Sep 2009 08:53
Yes, indeed a very pure and heart felt poem, about a compassionate love; I can only hope the narrators beloved knows his longing for her. I would believe it is inferred because she wrote the song for or about him yes?
Philosophy of a DewyFlower 03 Sep 2009 06:46
a heartfelt poem! well expressed!
Lady Grace 03 Sep 2009 06:26
nicely written..good job..
E DM 24 Aug 2009 09:35
Hi Bhaswat, Again I am not able to judge the Bengali version of this poem. I know, because my mother language is not English, that poems written in one language cannot be rendered correctly in another. This poem's style is romantic at heart, and while there is nothing wrong with being romantic, the language has moved on from that. We are now in the post modernist era. This means that expressions such as pain, heart, burn, wet eyes, utter perfection and similar have lost their evocative power as they have become common expressions. I believe poetry is the forge of language and new meanings, new metaphors, new justapositions of contrasting words must be sought in order to convey what we feel to a modern audience, to challenge, amuse and shock them. Try to rewrite it in a more biting manner, shake us, our beliefs, tell us something we do not know: what's so special about the songs you write about? Tell us why we should listen to them too. We want to know why they are so special to you and not the effects on you. If they are special we we feel the same as you. I know it is hard work but great poetry isn't easy. And don't mind the do not need rhyme (although it does not hurt if you manage to achieve it) . I am looking forward to read the new version. regards enea p.s. I hope I have not been too harsh...but I am really trying to help and of course this is my modest opinion. Best of luck. :))
Rajaram Ramachandran 17 Aug 2009 10:56
A lovely song to read indeed!
Christina Phan 13 Aug 2009 01:09
Lovely and sweet 10++
Yoggita Rathakrishnan 08 Aug 2009 07:38
well done my frend....beautiful written...d gal must b lucky cuz she symbolize ur poem...luv d way u put d poem 2gether... (*_*)
Roman Petrov 08 Aug 2009 04:40
I like this lovely poem as well, I'll give you 10 votes, but it should get 100 votes!
Lynn Glover 08 Aug 2009 04:38
very nice poem, just keep on singing her song. Good rythem. Your Friend Lynn
Hiding Nothing 07 Aug 2009 08:22
Beautiful and completely heart-warming.
Noel Horlanda 07 Aug 2009 07:29
A lovely love song dedicated to whoever she is. Beautiful lines and rhymes. Thanks
Eyan Desir 07 Aug 2009 08:50
Good write............
Catrina Heart 06 Aug 2009 10:02
Your words and your themes Touch my heart as the morning sun Melting into easy streams The icebergs of my pain and burn -------- lovely written poem, fine figurative language used here...well done!
Marieta Maglas 06 Aug 2009 09:25
wonderful poem, well written.......10+
Allemagne Roßmann 06 Aug 2009 07:19
Melting into easy streams The icebergs of my pain and burn very good translation.....i hardly speak the language though....good work 10 voted
premji premji 06 Aug 2009 05:59
you appear in my soul with the brilliance of a million suns...
Sarwar Chowdhury 06 Aug 2009 04:58
This is nice! chosen words are fine! 10+
Sandra Fowler 06 Aug 2009 03:18
Very heartfelt and romantic. 10, for you. Warm regards, Sandra