Your Songs Mean Nothing Now

The songs I play mean nothing now
I play them all day long
Familiar tunes, with empty words
Mean nothing now you're gone
You left in such a hurry
No time to say goodbye
Now all I do is play your songs
And sit alone and cry

Though people say we must go on
That's not what comes to mind
I understand the feelings said
Are only meant as kind
And if music soothes a heavy heart
It does not help the beat
It's had a big effect on me
And knocked me off my feet

The tone of each and every song
From the sorrow to the glee
Engraved into my aching heart
Have a balanced effect on me
Some mean so very many things
I picture you still here
Dancing to those songs you loved
And to every note you hear

Those songs that say I need you
The ones that time will heal
Are hard to hear, but need to be
To make the feelings real
So I'll sit alone and listen to
The songs that made you smile
And dream that you are here with me
Every once in a while.

by Phil Soar

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