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Your Sorry Friendship
DD (09-01-1982 / Stockton California)

Your Sorry Friendship

I've shed another layer of people who have done me wrong
I j ust cant take the pushiness that you do all along
Your friendship didnt mean a damn thing. Every time you would cry i'd run right over and figure out what was wrong. I spent plenty of time rubbing your feet because nobody else will. Now tell me that I am the only one who truly appreciated your friendship. I have stuck by your side through thick and thin. Then you go and dog me like that. It just goes to show that you werent a true friend after all. you were nothing more than a user. One day you will use the wrong person and it will come back ten fold. And when you wonder why things arent going right. Remember that it was your doing. I love you still but I cant go on with your drama any longer. Thank you! !

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