(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Your Step Will Call Me Like Music

That morning after we made love

because you had come
to love it

& understood
that you had tamed me

with your love

and how we are all

for whom ever we love

and that only what is
can be seen

by the heart
that is aware

and can understand
what is & isn’t there.

You cuddled
into my voice

as trapped in
a shaft of sunlight

you wept
& slept

and I cradled
your head

with all its curls
& preciousness

your breath
so delicate
against my chest

beautiful in its

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.............truly this is so sweet....I must definitely read the little prince.....sounds like a lovely story...
This is a lovely poem of tenderness and love incorporating the philosophy of THE LITTLE PRINCE but I love best the bit where you are cradling her head and holding all her preciousness and curls and are aware of her fragileness. Almost made me jealous...and I too love to be read to. Can i guess...is this another Frieda poem? Gina XXX