Online Audience - Acrostic Sonnet

Over and beyond statistics, man
No pattern plays it seems that can't be traced,
Linked and cross-referenced with ugly haste.
Internet: shared platform where one can
Now learn, now touch, anticipate and span
Every act - both browser, buyer based.
Audiences are not multi-faced,
Unique each individual, no plan
Displaying data processing can scan
In every cranny, nook. Most mining’s placed
Extremely arbitrarily, misplaced
Not keyed to taste evolving in the van.
Cookie capture should not correlate
Each 'I' whose instincts few appreciate...

by Jonathan ROBIN

Comments (3)

In the 3rd paragraph you spelled Talent wrong by mistake probably. I really enjoyed reading this poem! I'm adding it to my fav's
What a nice piece of advice! Youngsters must take to it very seriously!
Very nice Seema, if you've got it, flaunt it! Danny