Your Time Is Running Out!

Your time is running out!
Christ died for you and me;
He paid the price for sins
Of all humanity.
This day is yours!
Do not procrastinate;
Regret, amend, repent;
Receive the grace of God.

Restart a life anew;
Live life meaningfully;
Live in the fear of God;
Decide eternity.
The devils are a losing lot;
The Maker knows their every plot;
He knows our weaknesses, bad thoughts;
To save our souls, we ought

Our earthly life is transient;
He knows our strife- Omniscient;
The Son of God has opened gates
Of Heaven and lovingly waits
For every soul, He made with love,
To enter His abode above!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Time will overtake us all. It is always best to be prepared for what comes next. Nice to read you, Dr. Celes. Take care. Warm regards, Sandra