(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Your Tongue

I wish I could sit upon your tongue,
And saddle it to ride...
Like on horseback bared!
It moves so ever constantly.
Galloping as if in an adventure!
I wonder when you're sleeping...
Does it feel corralled between your teeth?

You seem to have something to say all the time.
Your tongue has to be strong...
It is moving day and night long!
And even alone in bathroom visits...
How do you keep from drowning,
In the shower?
When your tongue and lips,
Move without stopping?
I am left amazed as I witness this!

I would like to tell you, you are rare!
But when you are cranked up and motorized...
I find I am staring as if hypotized!
At least my eyes moving from side to side,
And up and down are exercised!
What else can I do?
But listen to you!
Somehow this act attracts.
Unless you are drugging me with crack?
And I'm too mesmerized to be aware of that!

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Comments (2)

Gosh, I hope I'm not like that! Although I do ramble when I'm upset. You keep your poetry so light on the surface, it makes it seem like it shouldn; t be analyzed for deeper meaning. Lovely poem, as always! X's and O's
So, there is a tongue somewhere out there that 'you'd like to sit on? '...Some double meaning in there so I am leaving it alone..........Interesting write and a read that had me laughing......my imagination gets the best of me at times......marci.xo