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Your Touch
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Your Touch

Poem By Jessica Holt

Whenever you touch me
It’s like being shocked with static electricity
An electric charge runs through my body
I feel butterflies fluttering in my belly

I shiver as if it were twenty degrees,
Yet my cheeks begin to grow crimson,
Like an autumn leaf changing its skin.
The new material Jell-o makes up my knees

The heat, the cold, oh no it gets worse
My tongue is suddenly a banana slug
It moves in slow motion, I cannot converse
Was I secretly slipped some kind of drug?

The idiotic clown’s grin from ear to ear
I cannot erase no matter how hard I try
My heart is pounding so loud I cannot hear.
The sparkle cannot be missed in my eye.

This inner storm dismantles so much,
All of this caused solely by your touch

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Ahh, i know it so well. Nothing greatly original in any of the observations but they still ring so true when put so simply.