DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

Your Turn Here

Life on this earth, is so special,
Your time here, should mean much to you,
There is but one thing, you take from this world,
And those are, the things you will do.

This means that all of, the things that you do,
And all of the things, you've thought of too,
Knowledge, memories, virtues, good deeds,
Promises, lies, vices, and greed.

Of all these things, great and small,
There stands alone, the biggest of all,
The things you forgot, while on the run,
The things you forgot, and left undone.

Remember to finish, all that you start,
Don't leave them for others, when you depart,
You take them with you, from this great earth,
All of these things, for what they are worth.

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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