Your Unforgotten Story

Life seems to always go downhill
No one sees this as a thrill
You work and work excerting all the force you have left
And in the end it just feels like another theft
Never getting what you deserve
It's the reason you're on your last nerve
You try so hard to keep holding on
But you've been doing it for oh so long
With everything spiraling downward
How can you be sure where it will all be afterward
Looking ahead is getting so freaking old
You're starting to feel completely cold
The world arond you spins
You keep telling yourself you won't get in
You try to put this whole thing behind you
But there's no one near you
There's never been
You dont one true friend
Even though you need help now
All you hear are their fake reactions of wow
They all act like they care
Like they've been there
You tell them all to just stop this
And they all say they don't understand why you're so pissed
As you pull the barrel to your heavy head
You say what the hell I've always been dead

by Jeanna Hooks

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this is my fav of your three. its so sad though. i know where you come from. Newo(aka Leah)