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Your Unjust Anger
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Your Unjust Anger

Poem By Jessica Holt

You don’t realize that; when you get mad
You blame me for outrageous things,
And that deep inside this makes me sad,
The intensity of the pain one hurtful word brings

“Everything is your fault”
You scream at me when your temper flares
It sounds like a verbal assault
Like a machine gun blasting that rips and tears

At first I wondered if I was to blame
“Maybe it was my fault this time”,
But every time? It’s always the same
You act as if I committed a crime.

I do not know how much more I can take
You were angry with me when the metro was late
This ridiculous blame game makes my heart ache
It’s like I don’t know you when you become irate

If nothing changes I can guarantee,
Your unjust anger will lead to you losing me

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tell this dude tell the world 'never forget that the other suffer' if no understand by this other however difficult dump him fast swift furiously for the freedom you yearn for
And I don't blame you for going Jessica, but you know it's still a man's world. Well written. Sincerely Ernestine Northover