Your Version Of Growing Old Gracefully

It has been made too convenient,
For you and others...
To make excuses for yourselves.

Why should I wish for your companionship,
If all I am going to hear from you...
Is about your aches and pains and what you do?
And what your doctor has prescribed,
For you to rub or sit or bathe in it?
If I have to fall, crawl or stumble,
Unlike you...
I will seek to find some enjoyment out of it.

I am not afraid of an older age or its slower pace.
But I am sure not going to invite that process,
Being uptight or delight in agitation...
Your rendition of it either.
To watch it waste me away.
So I take it you are not up to going roller skating?

Your version of growing old gracefully,
And my interpretation of it...
Is apparently in conflict.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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