Your Virtue

It is true for me to believe, I believe it.
I may believe it, but it may be am I to strong?
It might be my lie to disprove.
So, I may believe something of it even stronger.
I can refuse to believe it, but it can be to it yours the light.
There's no sight if I am thus to it blind is the dark.
Or there is no truth for me in that of which when it lies.
Always, I must believe in all it the truth.
So, I need my virtue, it is to all, to all it the truth.
I need the truth to you, I believe it, is you my love.
Now, all I know is that I have you to need me.
Can you the all of anyone come thus here to tell me.
Because I need to know more than I this you ever do.
Can your virtue be taught or disproved?

by James McLain

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