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'Animal Parade'
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

'Animal Parade'

Poem By Linda Winchell

I don't know why,
You believed I was older than you.
I use to be.
But you and aging have become much closer.
And it seems as if you have been convinced,
To interpret every year you have lived as a struggle.

I'm not trying to interpret my life that way at all.
When aging came to visit me,
I told it to make itself at home.
And if I choose to do what I please...
I'm not making an effort to be rude.
But neither am I going to sit with it to reminisced,
The good old days.

Too much everyday for me is new!
I didn't feel I had to excuse myself from it to explore.
I just do.
You on the other hand...
Seem to want to impress aging,
As a depiction you believe is an acceptable process.

We all have our interpretations.
Yours appears to be a bit exaggerated.
But I aint mad at you!
What your visit with aging is like.

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