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Your Voice

With the phone in my hand, I dialed the number, only to hear your voice on the other end.
I should have hung up when I heard your voice, but I had to consume as much as I could, because that is all that I had left of you.
Just the sound of your voice, although only recorded, brought back all the pain that you caused.
Your message finally ended with the sound of a beep in my ear, I hung the phone up and dried my eyes.
Later that day, with the ring of my phone, I picked it up without knowing whose voice I'd hear on the other end.
If I would have known that twice in one day I'd feel all this pain that you caused me, I wouldn't have answered.

For you see, it's been so long, without your voice, I miss the sound, I long to hear your laughter, but I just can't.

Your voice said you were surprised to see I had called, you said it's been forever, I tried to talk, I tried to explain, but the tears were just to much. You said you've missed my touch, you asked how I've been, and I tried to say

For you see, it's been so long, without your voice, I miss the sound, I long to hear your laughter, but I just can't.

You asked again, but still the words could not be formed. You finally heard the cries, but could you actually feel my pain.
You asked me to stop crying, to tell you how I feel, so finally, through my tears I said,

You see it was a mistake, it should not have happened, because the number I dialed, it was not suppose to be yours. But the sound of your voice, I had to hear it for what I thought was one last time, I just could not make myself hang up. But if I would have known, I would not have answered.
But now to actually be talking to you, can you imagine the torment you are putting me through.
I thought we were done, I thought I was over you, but now I know it was just a front. You know I love you, I always will, you were my world, you were my life, and the reason for my tears, and also my sleepless nights. You have hurt me twice, but I can't do it once more.

For you see, its been so long, too long, without your voice, I miss the sound, and yes I even miss the sound of your tears, because now from you, that is all that I can hear.

I'm sorry that I've made you cry, but you have caused me so much pain, but I just can't love you again like I did, if it means losing you once more.

Without your voice, it's been too long, but I won't hear it no more, and I can't love you like that no more.

by jenny brinker

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