Your Voice(For W)

Your ghost still haunts my house
Yet it’s me that’s dead.
You so alive(your voice your voice)
I still want to believe your lies not my eyes.
(You laughing with another and another girl
In the restaurant that was ours.

I told my mother and she got annoyed
Gave me a good talking to...said you
Were “...such a lovely boy! ”
And it must have been something that I’d done.
“Mum! I’m your daughter! ”
I slammed the phone down.

She always secretly fancied you
Became a girl again when you came round
All false eyelashes and false laughter.
You telling her you didn’t know
Who was more attractive
Daughter or mother.

Your ghost still haunts my house
You so still alive
Your voice...your voice
Still want to believe your lies...not my eyes.
Maybe I should employ an exorcist?
Your voice...your lies...your lies...your voice.
Your voice/

by Dee Wright

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