VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Your Voice In The Dark

I know that you are there, though I simply cannot see you
Why did you have to go away, taking your, heart, love so true
How did I get to this moment? When I sleep upon my tears
A bed of thorns without the roses, your arms, to chase the fears

Only memories can I ever conjure, of your ethereal, angelic face
I held your hand before, the monitors, sounded departing grace
When the reality stung, that I knew you were gone, from me
Just a shell lying there, void of your soul, your spirit now free

Sometimes a moment comes, when I think I can see you there
From the corner of my eye, only to see through the invisible air
Why can’t you come back to me now, I need to hold you again
To face this unfathomable world, without you to take away the pain

So many years left to face alone, I will never forget what we shared
Many times we laughed, many times I held your face, knowing you cared
The incomparable nights of passion, when you held me so close, so tight
For I felt that we were forever, never did I ever envisage your dying night

Returning home in the car, in the rain and I reach out to stroke your hair
It was moment of accidental want, even so knowing, that your not there
As the embodiment of you, lies still in the ward, where I had to leave
Even now I cannot reach out to dry my tears, you were always the reprieve

Is your soul already there? Can you not tell me your waiting for me?
If there was a way I could see you again, so much pain, watering eyes to see
Did I do something wrong in life? To loose, the very one I treasured so much
I would gladly give my life, in place of yours, if only I could feel your touch

For now I cannot fathom a thought of this time and place without you
From the red of your passion, to the green of your cultivation, turns to blue
So for now, I can only have the scant comforts of memories; that left their mark
As I try to hear so hard, for any sign of you, even your voice in the dark

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Beautiful words you have chosen to describe such beautiful memories.....