The Lonely Scarecrow

I stand in a field alone keeping watch
The sun and the moon are my only clock
In the morning and evening I'll always be there
I never go off for a walk anywhere.
Standing here trying to scare the birds away
Oh what a laugh they just come to take my hay away
\\So they can build their nests high up in the trees
I really do wish I could be as free
Children come along they just stand and stare
At my tatty old coat and my long matted hair
They never see me smile or shed a tear
I have to be brave when they are near
I am a lonely scarecrow as lonely as could be
Can't anyone see how unhappy is poor me
To stand in this field for hours upon hours
With only the sun, rain, wind and the flowers
So if your passing please give me a wave
And make this old scarecrow happy today
And if you can give me a name like ben or jack
I'd be very happy with a name like that.

by chris spurrell

Comments (4)

This is a terrific poem! Trisha :)
Aisha, the perfect ending to a melancholic write. Very well done! ! Brian
Hi Aisha U have expressed your feeling so beautifully keep it up
Sad and nostalgic... hurtfull yet so amazing! I am glad you've let all those feelings out in a great poem, other than keeping them locked inside... ~~Elya Thorn~~