Your Wedding Prayer! ! !

As your look up to the Good Lord
As your stretch your hands to the highest heaven
As your entire hopes and dreams are placed is His trust
As you embark on the future with your mind attached to Him
This is your wedding prayer
Say after me:
Lord! I know you are aware of
What I am embarking on
It is a fulfillment of your promise
Though I am weak, but strong in you
Though I am poor, but rich in you
Though evils lurk around, but I am secured in you.
I know that you are going with me on this journey
I know that you will empower me to withstand all the trials
I know that you will guide and protect every step I make
I know that you will be the light illuminating all my paths
I know that you will be my sight to see
I know that you will be my hand to touch
I know that you will be my ears to hear
I know that you will be my nose to smell
Stay with me, bless me
Go with me, nourish me
Stand with me, protect me
Walk with me, guide me
I know with you, I shall never be alone again
And let me have good testimonies
Happy married life

© 2014

by G. Akanji Olaniyi

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