VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

Yours Forever

When the rain starts pouring,
an umbrella for you, i'll be holding,
i don't care about getting drenched,
when your life feels souring,
i'll try to add sweetness,
i love sourness let me take it,
when the world stands against you,
i'll stand by you
not just to protect,
but near you is my heaven!
One dropp of your tear that falls on earth,
is the seed to my greatest pains,
every smile from your lips,
is the elixir to my eternity,
everything in this world makes me feel like someone else,
but in your eyes i see myself,
so keep walking without fear,
i alway walk near,
if one day you can't find me my dear,
go and look into the mirror!
I'll be there in your eyes forever!

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