Yours Hands...

Poem By hazem al jaber

i wasn`t pay attention to your talks..
you were talking to me,
in many things i knew..
what you are talking about now? ? ?
ohhh, yes, , , ,
about our first met,
there near that dance floor,
between a red lights,
there while i danced with anther girl,
and you pertend to be careless,
a quiet moment and a rest come..
coming to me and asked me:
do you accept my invitation,
to a slowly dance..? ?
your hands touched me, ,
and become a tremor in my body.,
why? ?
why you don`t ask me befor, , to do that? ?
and only i rememberd to hug you,
between my arms, .... yes..
and just looking to your eyes...
and your wide smile..
its a same one which i know..
and your warm hands,
i discoverd now.....

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