(1955 / INDIA)

Youth Making A Face

I have seen so many men and persons
of gravity
of such words and pomposity
Men of such authority
persons of such visions and quotes
and the ability to relate
every present to something past
to connect any thought or word
to the texts they hold Holy

I have heard at the next table and on the roads
such men so weighty and mighty and bloaty
I can by force and fear only nod
and revere in public

But in the toilet before the mirror
I imagine all of them there
I pull a face at them
and whisper the words:
Go jump in the filth of pigs,
every one of you

I may only have youth and inexperience
still I know there is something corrupt
in their words and hearts

But no, they have such power
I can only say this in fear and private
But if they let me be honest and safe
my face would tell them all

by Raj Arumugam

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