(For the Rev. James J. Daly, S. J.)

Bright stars, yellow stars, flashing through the air,
Are you errant strands of Lady Mary's hair?
As she slits the cloudy veil and bends down through,
Do you fall across her cheeks and over heaven too?

Gay stars, little stars, you are little eyes,
Eyes of baby angels playing in the skies.
Now and then a winged child turns his merry face
Down toward the spinning world -- what a funny place!

Jesus Christ came from the Cross (Christ receive my soul!)
In each perfect hand and foot there was a bloody hole.
Four great iron spikes there were, red and never dry,
Michael plucked them from the Cross and set them in the sky.

Christ's Troop, Mary's Guard, God's own men,
Draw your swords and strike at Hell and strike again.
Every steel-born spark that flies where God's battles are,
Flashes past the face of God, and is a star.

by Joyce Kilmer

Comments (2)

Please read 'quoted' instead of 'auoted'. It has been inadvertently done.
Life has many phases and youth is one of them. Youth is the centre of the life span. In this stage one can do any things as per his will, it is waysome. Dear Sanket, you have so nicely inscribed this here in an innovative style 'Pari' (named as per your wish) . It may be auoted.. Hence, live ye youth with drum And play a happy music album. Youth is overwhelmingly awesome So don't be like a lamb dumb; To live like a lively bird, come. Thanks, beautiful poem.