A Golden Dream

a soft silken voice,
i hear at night.
venturing out, to see
in a lonely hill of dream
a waterfall begins,
and flows into a stream..
i heard dewdrops falling,
on leaves,
that lonely night,
or was it the murmuring,
of sweet soft breeze,
in my mind?
a gentle tune of music
began, in the prism
of my mind,
with strange harmonic
tune of love.
i guess, the call of love,
was to ensnare me
into the ink -blue fold
of night dream.

the golden net of dream,
with strange sensation,
of sensuality,
from the breath
of your being,
even if far away from me.

is it possible to have
such unearthly feeling,
of joy and elation,
just by the hint
of your presence?
you looked at me,
and looked away,

yet in your smile,
i could sense, a
spread of honeyed joy,
which put me back to sleep.

by ritty patnaik

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