The cat talks tonight.
The mountain lion stalks tonight.
The hawk sulks tonight.
But I can't stand here and gawk tonight.
Hafta take me a walk tonight!
Gotta see my baby.

I'm plannin' on doin' a lot tonight.
I can't be a-nappin' on my cot tonight.
I feel like I'm boilin' in a pot tonight.
I tell you, I'm hot tonight!
Gotta see my baby.

The rain goes 'ping' tonight-makes my heart sing tonight.
I feel like I got wings tonight,
'Cause me and my baby gonna have us a fling tonight!
Gotta see my baby.

I feel rich tonight.
Bought me a tall hat I'm wearin' at a pitch tonight.
That hole in my sock is stitched tonight,
'Cause me and my baby, we're getting hitched tonight!


by Mary Naylor

Comments (2)

Very fun poem, Mary! Grinning all the way to that last WOW. -chuck
Well you have a lot to do tonight hope you fit it all in Love from dave xxxx Nice read