(1964 - / New Delhi / India)


(for Bina)

In Japanese, Yuki is snow—
unmelted and poised.

She sits askance
in front of a wine-tinged door

whose paint flakes
to expose its wood-raw skin—

pale, seemingly snow-flecked.
Her hair rambles all over

her face, eyes, and neck,
as she stares shyly—

sideways into the distance.
There are secrets locked,

bolted securely
in a shut non-descript studio

in Mumbai,
tucked away somewhere

in Prabha Devi—
as the industrial estate

temporarily quietens
at the allusive

thought of snow herself.
Fantasy instils in

factory-workers, passion—
just as for me—

peeling curls of paint,
a circular chromium lock,

a rusted dis-used bolt,
and breeze that affects

a woman’s hair and lashes,
inspires visions

of snow—
thaw, compassion, desire.

[inspired by a photo by Rafeeq Ellias]

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