Our Evening Prayer

O, Spirit of Love, come fill our hearts
As my darling and I embrace,
Stay with us 'til all doubt departs,
While in love's bliss we lay, face to face

Let peace and contentment hold us fast,
Enter so gently as we sleep,
Assure us that our love will last
And remain ever faithful and deep

Let us not look for faults to deride,
Though we both err, let us forgive,
Bless us as we lay side by side,
Surely, for each other's love we live

Let us see love in each other's eyes,
Love in all the words that we speak,
Give us comfort when tears arise,
Let us not become callous and weak

May our sweet love remain undefiled,
And as it grows over the years,
Keep despair and distrust exiled,
Then grant us peace, and allay our fears

Now let our eyes close and our lips meet,
Suspended in eternity.....
Drifting in a rapture so sweet,
Endless heaven for my love and me!

by Lora Colon

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