Z. Creature ***** Tiger Ostrich Orangutan Etc.. At Crocs Park

It is as if the park
we walk on,
this New year day 2009
is the park of wild beasts
tranferred from jungle forest
compress into single jail
beautifully landscaped and designed

Entrance fees
not for ransoms nor bails
for creatures' release
for not-to-be expected freedom

They are exploited
like the just-born baby crocs
couldn't taste yet the
aroma of wild river
their supposed grandeur habitat
away from human touch
radiation of digital cam
harmful sights of guests
teasing their squared limited haven
so heart breaking
while their teary eyes
gaze up the native birds and buzzing bees
flying freely in infinite sky
grasping full justice and freedom
chanting all day long over the
extra judicial prisoners' animals
not so lucky enough to be a localized- common
creatures that unshackles spectator's curiosity
unfetters commercial animal tours

may this poem unlocks the
croc's inmates aching fate

by Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

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